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  • SEO Services UK

    Our SEO services in Leeds, Huddersfield & Yorkshire have been designed to give you the best chance of getting high search engine results page rankings across the board. We’ll start by performing a free appraisal of your website current search engine visibility, before recommending several courses of action for you to follow. Our SEO services use a broad spectrum of industry approved tactics and techniques to increase the visibility of your website.

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    Adwords Management

    Whether you are making a purchase online or just trying to find a telephone number, your potential customers are searching more and more online and turning to the Internet as the first stop for information.

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  • Small Business SEO

    Our search engine optimisation services have been designed to provide your business with a uniquely targeted and cost approach to optimisation. Take advantage of our small business SEO package to give your company website the chance to rise to the top pages of the major search engine rankings list at a price has been tailored to meet the needs of your budget.

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    Internet Marketing Specialist

    As an Internet marketing specialist, Click Experts is able to take your site and score it a regular page one or page two ranking on the results pages of all the major search engines.

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  • You’ve taken the plunge and your company management have realised the potential of not only increasing leads and sales through your website, but they are finally on-board with it – what happens next? In order to hit the bullseye with your SEO campaign we need to ask several questions to help you succeed which will help manage expectations and deliverables. Below is a short list of some of the key questions. -How has the business performed over the last 3 years; which things helped with sales and which caused challenges? This will help us grab a good understanding and cross-section of your previous sales strategies and help identify any risk areas. Can we speak to the ‘people on the ground’ – the actual people that deal with your clients? We can learn a lot about helping to increase sales of your product(s) by speaking to the customer service or sales staff that work with your customers. We can learn more about the target audience and their common ‘sales pain’ to give us an edge when doing your SEO marketing campaign. Do you have any marketing or projects being developed in the next 3-6 months that we should include in the SEO plan? In most cases with an SEO (search engine optimisation) campaign the results are definitely not immediate and can take 3-6 months to start to bring in leads and sales. As we work you up the Google rankings onto pages 1 & 2 for search phrases that people type in it is also important to work on keywords ...

  • Many website owners feel quite violated when they login to their Google Webmaster tools only to see a message similar to the one below appear: Google Manual Website Penalty Message Action Warning   Google’s fight against Spam Google are locked in a constant battle against a barrage of spammers and ‘black-hat’ SEO companies all vying to push their customers up the Google rankings in ways that are against Google’s quality guidelines. Basically, Google want to show websites in their results that are relevant; if you were searching for something and started to feel the results were ‘spam’ or just irrelevant you would probably stop using Google and switch to another search engine. This is the reason that Google have a ‘clear-out’ of websites every few months that they consider provide little value by being “over SEO’d”, (i.e. manipulated in their rankings) and visible, but that do not give searchers what they are looking for. A manual action applied by Google basically means that one of Google’s staff have looked at your site and manually flagged it as ‘spammy’ in the Google results (or links in the form of forums, blogposts and business directories) that are pointing to it. You might wonder where these links have appeared on the Internet from pointing to your website; usually the answer is either your SEO company working to push you up Google or links posted in forums and reviews posted ...

  • If like us you use the Firefox web browser, you can now easily see how your website look on mobile phones and tablets. The screenshot below is from the Mac version, but the menu is also still available under Tools on the PC version. Let’s try it. If you load go to Tools –> Responsive Design view while on this blog page on our website it will show you the default resolution (which is similar to an iPhone, 320×480 pixels): Or if you look at it on an iPad, it will look like this (iPads usually display at 768×1024 resolution when held in the normal reading position): If we then turn the iPad sideways (horizontally), it automatically changes again to fit the page. This functionality of a website is called ‘Responsive’ and there is no mystical meaning to this word – it just means that the device you are looking at the website on automatically fits to the page. If you view a ‘traditional’ website that has not been built as a responsive one it will still display on your device, although you usually have scrollbars and have to scroll left and right to read the horizontal width of the page. If you need any help converting a website to a responsive one we are experts at it – call us to find out more. With the recent announcement from Google that seems to imply if your website is not responsive, they might penalise you in the Google Rankings and push your website further down, giving priority to websites that are res...

our latest success stories

  • We are working with some Pest Control companies who have been badly let down in the past. They are now approaching pages 2-3 from previously have zero rankings. People finding your website means real-world leads and enquiries. Get your website found NOW – Call Us on 01484 290042.

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    22nd January, 2015
  • We are working with a print company and have designed an online design system and helped them get it onto page 1 of Google for many of their target keywords. This was a new website build and fresh website marketing from the ground up. Call Us now to Find out if we can Help YOUR company.

    Posted by admin
    22nd January, 2015