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Understand Click-Through Rate and how it affects your Profits

How we Perform in Pay-Per-Click Management
For those of you reading that already know something about Pay-Per-Click and the technical aspects of it, you will know there are several factors involved in running a successful Pay-Per-Click campaign.

These include:

  • Understanding The Google “Quality Score” Algorithm
  • Your PPC Ad Destination Page “Quality” and importance
  • The Keywords you are bidding on
  • Their relevance of adgroups, keyword and the campaign(s)
  • The relationship of all the above factors tied together
  • The “Cost per Click” you are paying (your bottom £££ ! )
  • How good you are at writing compelling “Ad Copy”

The basic way it works is this; the better the clickthrough rate on your advert on Google, the less Cost-Per-Click you will probably pay. Click-Through-Rate is simply the number of times your PPC Ad is shown vs the number of clicks it receives.

For example, 1000 people might search for “fishing hooks” and your ad is shown on the page in the sponsored results (right hand side) – but it doesn’t necessarily follow that everyone will click your Ad. How often your Ad is clicked is a complex relationship and and also depends on even how high in the PPC ads it appears; people generally click the ads at the top of the page.

You may be thinking – great! I want the ad clicked a lot – but that is not always the best thing to happen. Ads appearing towards the top of the page are more likely to be clicked by “happy clickers” – people that are not necessarily in such a buying frame of mind as, for example, people that click ads lower down, who are doing thorough research.

Cost Per Click and how it Matters
Put into perspective, here is a simple example; if you are paying UKP 0.45p per click at the moment, if you get 1000 clicks on your Ad at 0.45p per click, it will cost you £450 UKP.

Imagine if you were able to reduce your cost-per-click to UKP 0.38p per click – and still managed to stay in the same Ad Position, but paid the lesser amount.
That would would mean instead of costing you £450 UKP, the same 1000 clicks would only cost you £380 – and that’s a small campaign. Imagine this multiplied over several thousand pounds of spend as some of our customers do!

The bottom line is, the better you run your campaign, the cheaper it will be per-click – and the more targeted web-surfers and buyers you will attract.

An Example of recent Customer Ad “Click-Through Rates”

If you look at the table on the right, this is a example of “Clickthrough Rates” we have achieved for a recent customer.

Click the Image on the right to see the full-size version

Bear in mind that the industry accepted average click-through rate is roughly 1%. In this example, we achieved between 2.4% and 12.35%.

With Pay-Per-Click you only have space for four lines of text in our advert – make sure you make the most of it.

Your sole goal should be to:

1) Get your potential customer to click on your Ad
2) Once you have them at your website, they should either make a purchase or complete an online contact form – or call you on a freephone number

The sole goal of Pay-Per-Click is to generate results.

After all, you paid for the click to get the customer to your website – make sure you do everything you can to ensure they buy or contact you. It’s as simple as that.

Pay-Per-Click is the ultimate feedback machine and will instantly tell you what your customers are looking for. Forget Ad-Agency “branding terms” and waffle – you are talking to your customer. They will either buy from you or they will not. Keep your Ad simple, to the point, and tell them what you are offering them. You only have a few seconds of their attention span – make them count, or you will lose them forever.

Another point to remember is this; traditionally when selling, you would normally get to see your customer in the flesh. When you are selling to people online, you do not have the benefit of eye contact or face-to-face feedback. To gather feedback in the world of Pay-Per-Click, make sure you analyse the complex relationship between click-through rates, impressions and tracking of keywords.

We use the very latest tracking and statistical methods to get the best for our customers which includes working closely with web design companies. We help customers get their website right before starting their Pay-Per-Click campaign.

Call us NOW on (0800) 0751 681 for a FREE appraisal of your campaign(s) and we will see how we can help you dominate your Business Sector in Pay-Per-Click.

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