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Pay Per Click advertising Frequently asked Questions

Q) How long does it take ?
You can starting your campaign immediately and your Google Ad and company will appear within hours online – but – there are several important steps to do first. These steps include:

  • The Correct Keyword Research
  • Organising the logistics of your Ad Spend based on the keywords chosen
  • Writing your 4 line Google Ads
  • The setup of detailed tracking to pinpoint exactly which keywords make you profit
  • Building a “landing page” (the page customers arrive on when the Ad is clicked)

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Q) What happens next ?
First we discuss the objectives of the PPC Campaign with you – then we make a plan which will include among other things:

A recommended daily spend
The recommended daily budget depends on many factors. One of the most important factors is the estimated cost of each click; the more competitive the keywords, the more they cost. That in itself isn’t necessarily a problem though, as if a Google Adwords campaign is set up correctly, you can be in the game against direct competitors and still get cheaper clicks than them!

The estimated number of daily clicks
It generally follows that you divide your estimated daily Ad Budget between the chosen keywords. Say for example you bid on the keyword “tennis shoes”; if the Cost per Click is £0.40p and you daily Ad Budget is £40, then £40 divided by £0.40 is 100 clicks. It’s that simple. The key is to set up and manage your Adwords Campaign properly so that you get the cheapest clicks possible. Your daily budget then goes further.

The estimated cost of clicks
The estimated cost of clicks generally depends (although not always) on the competitiveness of your business and market sector online. How many competitors are going up against in Google Adwords – are there lots of Ads showing ? The more crowded a market gets, the more people in the game, and the more you will generally need to pay per click. Bear in mind it also means that it works for them – or they wouldn’t be advertising. Managing, understanding and tracking your Google Adwords campaign correctly is essential, or you will spend lots of money and have no idea where it went.

Q) Is it risky, and can I loose money ?
Do you remember in the “old days” when putting an Ad in the Yellow Pages felt a bit like gambling – you had to commit to the whole year up-front, with no idea whether it would work or not ? The Internet has changed everything. Printed publications are falling over themselves for your business and continue to slash their rates, as more and more people move online to advertise. I asked a customer a few months ago how he found the Yellow Pages lately for leads. His answer ?

“It’s over there on top of last years book, propping up that flat screen LCD monitor”.

Nothing is guaranteed, but with Pay per Click if it is set up and managed properly, it can give specific, measurable results as to exactly which keywords in your advertising campaign produce sales – and those that don’t. You can also turn a campaign on and off whenever you like – no more paying up front as you do with a printed advertisment \ magazine, for something you have no ideas will work!

Call us NOW on (0800) 0751 681 for a FREE appraisal of your campaign(s) and we will see how we can help you dominate your Business Sector in Pay-Per-Click.

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