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Google Adwords Campaign

Done properly, a Google AdWords campaign can be a great way to get your brand noticed online by the people most likely to convert to action on your site. The key thing is to research your keywords and phrases thoroughly and to find out how and when your competitors are running their own AdWords and Pay Per Click campaigns.

Click Experts will help you design, implement and run a successful Google AdWords campaign. We all research keywords and phrases for you, construct killer copy for your ad and help you run the ads exposure so that your budget matches the highest concentration of fruitful clicks.

Click Experts will help you manage your Google AdWords Campaign budget so you maximise ROI for every penny that you spend on paid web exposure. And we all link your campaign to a wider SEO drive for an outstanding all round web presence for your brand.

Google Adwords Campaign Setup and Pay Per Click Management

It is not by chance that our top performing customers have an average Google Adwords Campaign clickthrough rate of over 5.90% – it is because we are experts at not only setting up your campaign correctly, but also managing your campaign effectively.

Google Adwords

Running a successful campaign on Google Adwords requires a varied skillset, including:

  • The Correct Keyword Research
  • Organising the logistics of Ad Spend
  • Building a Campaign that literally compels the visitor to buy
  • Psychology – and the art of getting people to buy

Many small businesses start out trying to manage their own Pay-Per-Click campaign to reduce costs. Some do well, but generally a small to medium business will either hit an artificial celing beyond which they struggle to make things work any better or, in the case of some, unfortunately fail from the beginning.

One thing is certain – advertising your product or service on Pay-Per-Click is a ruthless business with many competing advertisers. Making sure you are armed with the necessary knowledge and tools to get the best return on investment is essential.

The worst case scenario is that you setup and run your campaign incorrectly and it costs you dearly, bringing in zero sales. The other (and preferred!) scenario is that you do superbly and significantly increase your profits.

We certainly hope you prosper are very successful if you choose to manage your own campaign.

Whether you are considering Pay Per Click Management or are already doing it, please call us to see how we can help your business. You will probably be surprised at how much you can adjust your campaigns and squeeze out more revenue for a cheaper click-cost.

We currently offer four services.

Setting up a Google Adwords Campaign for you
We use our expert knowlege and real-world experience to research, advise and setup your Google campaign for a one-off consultancy. Many customers then opt for our ongoing monthly management to ensure it continues to work effectively.

Pay-Per-Click Management Consultancy
In this case, we will take an initial FREE look at your campaign, and gather the knowledge and statistics we need. We then advise accordingly.

FREE Pay-Per-Click Consultancy, on a Revenue Sharing Agreement
0% Risk to you
In this scenario, we spend OUR money on YOUR campaign. This option is completely at the discretion of us at The Click Experts and is more the exception than the rule. For us to choose to work with you on this basis, you must appreciate that the risk is far higher for us. Coupled with the time and very detailed planning needed, we negotiate a reasonable risk\reward revenue-sharing agreement between the Click Experts and you as our customer. This is ideal for businesses just about to launch into online advertising. Getting it right from the start is crucial.

Whichever option you decide, we can help you.

Some of the many things we have helped customers with include:

  • Consultancy to help increase CTR (Click-Through Rate %)
  • Keyword Research (one of the most important steps)
  • Analysis of your Market and existing online Competitors
  • Unique and compelling advert Ad copy and testing effectiveness
  • Ongoing account management
  • Amendments and Improvements as needed
  • Bi-weekly reporting
  • Detailed Sales Conversion tracking
  • Detailed Purchase Analysis
  • Onsite evaluation & website review
  • Ongoing bid management
  • Helping to integrate the Internet, Pay-Per-Click and your Business
  • Helping you make a success of Pay-Per-Click – and a healthy profit

Our 100% Customer Guarantee
We are different – we put our money where out mouth is.

We guarantee to do one of the following for you at the very minimum:

  • Reduce your Cost Per Click
  • Increase your Click Through Rate
  • Increase your Conversion Rate

If we do not achieve one of these, you get us absolutely FREE for 3 months.
We can’t say fairer than that, can we ?

Click Here to Download our FREE guide on how to decide whether to go down the pay-per-click route or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Route.

Call us FREE on (0800) 0751 681 to find out how we can help your business or click here to contact us by E-Mail. Your success can start TODAY.


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