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  • SEO Marketing Campaigns : Where do you start?

    Posted on: March 3, 2015

    You’ve taken the plunge and your company management have realised the potential of not only increasing leads and sales through your website, but they are finally on-board with it – what happens next?

    In order to hit the bullseye with your SEO campaign we need to ask several questions to help you succeed which will help manage expectations and deliverables. Below is a short list of some of the key questions.

    -How has the business performed over the last 3 years; which things helped with sales and which caused challenges?

    This will help us grab a good understanding and cross-section of your previous sales strategies and help identify any risk areas.

    Can we speak to the ‘people on the ground’ – the actual people that deal with your clients?
    We can learn a lot about helping to increase sales of your product(s) by speaking to the customer service or sales staff that work with your customers. We can learn more about the target audience and their common ‘sales pain’ to give us an edge when doing your SEO marketing campaign.

    Do you have any marketing or projects being developed in the next 3-6 months that we should include in the SEO plan?
    In most cases with an SEO (search engine optimisation) campaign the results are definitely not immediate and can take 3-6 months to start to bring in leads and sales. As we work you up the Google rankings onto pages 1 & 2 for search phrases that people type in it is also important to work on keywords related to any up and coming products or services. The reason for this is it can take a few weeks for us to work you up the Google rankings to get you found for them.

    Can we get a feel for your company values and long-term goals?
    Getting a feel for your long-term goals is invaluable to us in learning about your company and how we work our services for you. It helps us guide your SEO strategy in the right direction and in a writing style that fits best, especially when we also include a Facebook / Twitter aspect to the campaign.

    Are there any brand or compliance guidelines we should follow?
    Getting a good understanding of this information up-front is essential before we start any content marketing during the SEO campaign. It speeds up the creative process at our end as we know the branding and compliance boundaries to work within.

    Who is the contact we will be working with at your company and is their availability good to work with them?
    It is important that we keep the momentum going with the SEO campaign work that we do for you. If we can work with someone who is able to give us the necessary time to push things through the management it helps avoid text approval delays etc.

    What impression does the Management of your company have of SEO?
    We have had many customers that have come from other SEO companies that have tried and failed with promoting and getting customer websites found in Google. The challenge here is that the Management of your company come to us ‘tainted’ with a bad impression of “SEO Services” without actually understanding in layman’s terms (because it has never been explained to them) exactly what specifically we do for the money spent. In this case, a simple chat and case study example will reassure them initially, with the real reassurance coming several weeks later once the telephone starts to ring and leads and sales increase.

    It is vitally important before we start any campaign that the Management is ‘on board’ with an SEO campaign and can ‘reboot’ their sentiments if they have been let-down badly by another company.

    Timelines and Expectations
    We always try and underestimate but over-deliver where possible. It is important to be realistic with timescales while we work to move your website up the rankings to pages 1 & 2 of Google, especially if you have strong competition in your business sector. A frank and honest realistic discussion about expectations and deliverables in the beginning can avoid any misunderstandings later.

    Are you open to other suggestions to work in tandem with the SEO campaign?
    In these fiercely competitive times it is sometimes necessary to do a blend of Facebook  / Twitter AND SEO Services. In these cases, we blend all three together which actually can together help drive a website up the rankings in Google (and other search engines).

    Can we agree on a success measurement?
    Measuring progress through direct success (not just getting you ranked highly in Google) is essential. Once your website is ranking in Google on pages 1 & 2 we want the enquiries and sales online (if you have an online shop) to increase as a result. We try and agree this measurement to gauge success as we develop the campaign and helps manage expectations. Google Analytics is also a tool we use to visually see in black and white exactly how many more visitors we are bringing to your website.

    Exploring how you have measured success in the past in campaigns other than your website is also useful.

    What would you consider the best and worst previous examples of marketing in your business and why do you feel that about each?
    Learning from past successes and things that didn’t work out can help with future planning. Although some customers do not like to look at things that might not have worked out, it can help with making the new SEO campaign as seamless and successful as possible with minimal input needed (or given, as some customers prefer to do) from your end into the SEO campaign.

    What do you like that your competition do? Who are your top 3 competitors and what can you learn from them?
    In many cases we use our numerous technical tools to study how your competitors are ranking in Google and other search engines, for which phrases and on which page they appear in the results.

    It is important to get a good benchmark of how they are performing and see where they might be spending their money to gauge how learning from their investment can give you a head start. We do this research for you online as far as possible before we even start your campaign.

    Do you find it easy to update your website?
    Our main goal for you is getting your website found to new customers. What sort of experience do you have if you feel you are not a “technical” person, of editing your website? Easy? Hard? Understanding how easy it is to update your website can also help us guide you. Ask your marketing department as well, they usually have some ‘pain’ areas of your website that they cannot update easily for whatever reason.

    How often do you update your website?
    Companies sometimes update their website infrequently and let things slip. It is important to show that you are a market leader and if even only occasional post an article or ‘how-to’ onto your website. We can guide you with this.

    Are there other Websites that you own?
    It is important that we know any other websites that you own. This also allows us to cross-check that no duplicate content is on these other sites as this can cause problems when doing your SEO campaign.

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